The aim of the Telota initiative is to support communication between experts and to make the Academy’s knowledge and research-results available worldwide.


The advances in information technology have created new opportunities of every kind for all fields of research. The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, as the largest non-university research institution in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, aims to explore and use these opportunities. To this end, the initiative Telota (The Electronic Life of the Academy) was set up.


Telota creates the tools for the Academy to develop, document and present its research. Through Telota, efficient work-environments have been designed, for example using innovative technologies for searching and analysis, or tools for organising and processing tasks. National and international standards for documenting and using the results of research are central to the work. In this way, the Academy’s rich stores of knowledge are made electronically available to researchers and others throughout the world, making specialist communication easier. These resources are freely available: Telota is an active contribution by the Academy to the Open Access initiative in science and scholarship.

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