The Academy publishes the results of its research in numerous series and monographs.

As a large research institute in the humanities, the Academy publishes the editions, documentary material and dictionaries produced by its long-term research projects. The work of the Interdisciplinary Research Groups generates research reports, position papers and guidelines on questions of importance for the future. The Academy’s yearbook (Jahrbuch) and the series of debates (Debatten) contain contributions by Academy members.

As part of its Open Access policy, the Academy has operated an e-doc Server since 2006, from which text documents and other media such as sound and film material are made publicly available in a Digital Library. By a text search, the individual publications of the Academy are easily accessible and can be called up online by anyone interested.

Bilingual Publications

A History of More than 300 Years

The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
formerly the Prussian Academy of Sciences

Second, revised edition, Berlin 2020, 130 p.

Publication (PDF, 19MB) 

The Academy Archive and its Holdings

The archive of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities is one of the oldest and most comprehensive academy archives in the world.

Download the publication here. (PDF, 8MB) 

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