The Board of the Academy supports the President in fulfilling his duties and advises him on current business. It prepares the meetings of the Council and the Assembly and sets up committees, for example to prepare the budget resolutions of the Assembly and to award prizes, scholarships and medals.


Julia Fischer


Reinhard F. Hüttl

Secretary of the Class of Humanities

Gudrun Krämer

(Deputy: Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum)

Secretary of the Class of Social Sciences

Wolfgang Knöbl

(Debuty: Christine Windbichler)

Secretary of the Class of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Thomas Elsässer

(Deputy: Matthias Drieß)

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Secretary of the Class of Biological and Medical Science

Max Löhning

(Deputy: Christine Heim)

Secretary of the Class of Technological Sciences

Olaf Dössel

(Deputy: Klaus Petermann)

Scientific Members

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Treasurer of Collegium pro Academia

Dr. Karin Elisabeth Becker
Leiterin des Präsidialbüros
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