Prize of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities – donated by the Monika Kutzner Foundation for the Advancement of Cancer Research

The award includes prize money of 10,000 Euros and is awarded annually for outstanding scientific achievements in the area of cancer research. The prizewinners should be able to be regarded as young, relative to their achievements.

The prize is conferred at the ceremonial session on the Academy’s Einstein Day celebration at the end of the year.


Deadline for nominations 2023: 15th September 2022
Nomination form (DOCX, 16KB) 


Laudations (German)

2021: Professor Dr. med. Thomas Oellerich

2020: Professor Dr. med. Robert Zeiser

2019: Dr. Ana Banito

2018: Dr. Marieke Essers

2017: Professor Dr.-Ing. Lena Maier-Hein

2016: Dr. Roland Felix Schwarz

2015: Professor Dr. Daniel Rauh

2014: Dr. med. Christiane Opitz

2013: Professor Dr. Georg Lenz

2012: Dr. Thomas Hofmann

2011: PD Dr. med. Alexander Rösch

2010: Professor Dr. Ulrike Stein

2009: Professor Dr. Lars Zender

2008: Professor Dr. Christoph Bremer

2007: Professor Dr. Jürgen Christian Becker

2006: PD Dr. Karl Lenhard Rudolph

2005: Dr. Ulrike Ziebold

2004: Professor Dr. Michael Weller

2003: Dr. Peter Daniel

2003: Dr. Claus Belka

2001: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Barbara Wollenberg

2000: Professor Dr. Ruth Duncan

1999: Dr. Jürgen Behrens

1998: Professor Dr. Guido Kroemer

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