Scalable Architecture for Digital Editions

Scalable Architecture for Digital Editions

Welcome to the home of SADE, the Scalable Architecture for Digital Editions!

You can download  the latest version of SADE  (88 MB - 06.03.2012).

Attention! Although this is the current official version of SADE, it is still in developement and will propably not run properly on all platforms and in all environments. We are working on some basic changes in the architecture which will lead to a much better product and user experience.

The documentation explains how to set up SADE.

As the documentation currently is not too extensive you are welcome to register yourself at the

SADE mailing list  and post any questions you have.

Pape, Schöch and Wegner surveyed SADE in their article TEICHI and the Tools Paradox. 


In the following list you can find some example projects which are based on the Scalable Architecture for Digital Editions:
(all in German)

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