Vortragsreihe des Kollokationenprojekts: Adam Kilgarriff, "Sketching words"

02. Dezember 2004

Akademiegebäude, Raum 230


Adam Kilgarriff: Sketching words

Word sketches are one-page automatic, corpus-based summaries of a words grammatical and collocational behaviour.  They were first used in the production of the Macmillan English Dictionary.  At that point, they only existed for English.  Now, we have developed the Sketch Engine, a tool which takes as input a corpus of any language and, if the corpus is not already parsed, a set of grammatical relations for the language, described as regular expressions over part-of-speech tags, which we then use to parse the corpus within the tool.  We also generate a thesaurus and ‘sketch differences, which specify similarities and differences between near-synonyms.  I shall describe the system, in the context of earlier corpus tools, and discuss future prospects.


16.00 Uhr

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