Workshop on Digital Epigraphy --- organized by "Inscriptions of Aphrodisias: An Arts and Humanities Research Board Project", hosted by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy

17. - 18. September 2005

Akademiegebäude, Tagungsraum K 2

Inscriptions of Aphrodisias: An Arts and Humanities Research Board Project, hosted by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy, Konferenzraum 2 and 3, Jägerstrasse 22/23, 10117 Berlin -- Saturday 17-Sunday 18 September

Workshop on Digital Epigraphy

The aim of the workshop is to exchange information about the digital exploitation of documents (What are we doing?), to learn about each others methodologies (How are we doing it?) and to exchange ideas about future progress and plans (Where are we going? What do we need?). We hope to keep discussion as informal as possible: it is helpful to learn about each others mistakes, and also to share wild ideas.

Saturday, 17 September am

What? and How?

Section I: corpora and collections

9.45 Welcome

10.00 M. Dohnicht (BBAW): Die Datenbanken des CIL 

10.30 M. Dohnicht (BBAW): Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg 

11.00 - Kaffeepause -

11.30 Christian Bauer (Humboldt University)

The documentation of Southeast Asian inscriptions: from 'worst practice' to inadequate standards? Leiden, EpiDoc, ISO 639, and Unicode 4.1

12.00 First discussion: Corpus versus Database

12.30-14.00 - Mittagpause -

Section II: Independent projects; multiple content

14.00 C. Witschel (Heidelberg): A proposal for Late Antique inscriptions of the Latin West

14.30 Klaus Freitag (Münster):

Die bibliographische Datenbank "Hellas" und die Bedeutung der Reiseberichte für die Erforschung des Altertums 

15.00 Dr. Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst (BBAW): The Turfan project 


15.30 R. Haensch : DAI Munich projects 

16.00 - Teepause -

16.30 Tools I: Zaneta Au, Gabriel Bodard, Juan Garces (KCL): Useful tools under construction: lemmatiser; checking page; workspace; etc.

17.00 Discussion 2 What tools do we need

What tools do we need next? How do we disseminate publications? What gives them authority?

Sunday, 18 September

Section III. Projects which exploit / analyse digitised documents:

10.00 Matthaeus Heil (BBAW): PIR 

10.30 The Byzantine Prosopographies:

C. Ludwig / T. Pratsch (BBAW): PmbZ 

C. Roueché (KCL): PBW 

11.15 - Kaffeepause -

11.45 Discussion 3: How should corpora and analytical projects interrelate?

12.30-14.00 - Mittagpause -

Section IV: Projects in epigraphy and archaeology

14.00 Charlotte Roueché (KCL): InsAph 

14.30 Geni Beu-Dachin (Bucharest): Encoding the Latin Inscriptions from Roman Dacia

15.00 Ortolf Harl (Vienna) Ubi erat lupa

- Teepause -

16:00 Tools II: Zaneta Au, Gabriel Bodard, Juan Garces (KCL): Interchange between projects: EDH to EpiDoc. Word to XML

16.30 Discussion IV: What next?

A round table discussion and exchange: how can all these projects best intercommunicate and support one another? How can we offer sustainability?


9:45 bis 16:45

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