Georg Forster (1754-94) ist durch seine Teilnahme an Cooks zweiter Weltreise und als jakobinischer Politiker bekannt geworden. Die Forster-Ausgabe bietet das Werk des Naturforschers und Schriftstellers erstmals vollständig.


"The principal view of our expedition, the search after a southern continent within the bounds of the temperate zone, was fulfilled. Upon the whole, nothing appears more evident, than that additions to the stock of human knowledge which have been made during this voyage, however considerable they may be when put in competition with what was known before, are of small moment when compared with the immense variety of unknown objects which, even in our present confined situation, are still within our reach, and which, for ages to come, will probably open new and extensive fields, where the human soul will have room to expatiate, and display its faculties with superior luste."


Schlußsätze Forsters 1777 im Bericht von der zweiten Weltumschiffung Cooks, einem großen Buch über die größte Reise des Jahrhunderts, gedruckt in Band 1 der Forster-Ausgabe.

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